Monday, April 16, 2012

monday monday

today is such a monday. i spent half the day trying to save a file that was corrupted. i've now given up and i am going to retype the whole document. so not fun!

we're also having some finance issues with the house. i need everybody to say a prayer and cross your fingers that we get this figured out. basically they underestimated the price of homeowners insurance and so the debt to income ratios are not where they need to be. in a perfect world we would find cheaper insurance or pay off our debt (which is most school loans :() but, it doesn't look like either so going to happen. we just need a break because as i've said before our mortgage will be half what our rent is. why can't the underwriters see this? so frustrating.

i know however that whatever happens it will be ok. we're lining up some rentals to look at and i know no matter what we will have someone to live. makes me a little A LOT sad to lose the house but i'm trying to deal with that being a possibility :(

good thing tomorrow is tuesday! and i got steaks on super sale at food lion so steaks on the grill it is for dinner! small victories people small victories!

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Megan said...

Definitely praying for y'all! Steaks sound delicious. I love getting them on sale!