Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sometimes and always

i'm linking up for sometimes and always this week. i'm in a sort of funk this week. i went from having to answer to my lender and realtor as many as 5 times a day to nothing. i'm done. i feel kind of like you do the week you get home from your honeymoon. sure people are still kind of excited about where you went, asking about your wedding, etc. but, you no longer have things to plan for, things you have to get done right now or else, etc etc. i'm sure this will change soon when i have to start (oh yeah i still haven't started....) packing. and then when we begin to redecorate. but, this week has just been kind of weird. i am forever thankful that the craziness of the past few weeks is over, but yeah i'm feeling a little lost too. funny how that happens, right?

anyway on to sometimes and always!

sometimes: i pretend like i'm going to give up diet coke
always: i give up at about 3 pm on day 2

sometimes: i hate thinking about dinner and declare that i will start planning out meals
always: i do that for two weeks or so and then the fun starts to fade

sometimes: i forget just how awesome my husband is
always: he does something super cute and it melts my heart

sometimes: i get all excited when i get caught up on laundry
always: there is another pile already started by the time i actually put it away

and that folks is all i have for you today!


Mrs. Robinson said...

These are cute! =) I know exactly how you feel...post-signing-depression we'll call it.

I love the changes you've made on your blog! =)

Holly said...

I know what you mean about laundry. I am convinced mine multiplies when I am not looking. o.O

Megan said...

I do the same thing with diet coke! I can usually go without it until I eat Mexican. Then I always need a diet coke. It's just a requirement! Haha!

Thanks for linking up with me!!