Tuesday, March 27, 2012

what i love about spring!

i'm linking up with neely and amber for their "Spring Favorites Link-up"

i've already told you one thing i dislike about spring and that is POLLEN. 

thankfully there are many other things that make up for it and make me love this season :)

first....flip flops

i have always disliked shoes and flip flops are the closest you can get to being bare foot in public :)

painting my toes!

sure i paint my toes the rest of the year too, but i love being able to show off my pretty toes in my flip flops!

being outside!

Source: google.com via Leslie on Pinterest

it might take a few extra zyrtec and some tissues but i love being outside in the spring. the beach on a spring morning is the best. and all of the birds singing. if i didn't have to work i would sit on the screened in porch all day and read :)


i'm not a big fan of indoor lighting but i L-O-V-E the sunshine. and i love that i can go outside at 8 pm and take the dogs on a walk and have it still be light out!

what do you love about spring?

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Illegally Blonde said...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my favs! Also love showing off my toes!