Thursday, March 29, 2012

it's thursday and i'm rambling

this post is probably super long. i apologize! i wanted to combine a lot of things :)

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Its Ok Thursdays

so to start off, It's OK......

....that i'm still talking about the house. be prepared to hear much more about it. i'm sorry if you're tired of it! work for the weekend! wish that they had pumpkin spice latte all the time at starbucks think mcdonalds has the best sweet tea wish we could skip summer and go straight back to fall! eat popcorn for dinner :) get in bed at 8:45 and read because you and your husband are just plain worn out! ask for Help when you need it!!


and I'm Thankful Today That.....

my husband is so great. seriously i'm lucky.

it's light out when i get home and it's STILL light out when the dogs and i go for a walk at 8 pm

that my neighbors right now are so sweet, they are the one thing i am seriously going to miss about the apartments

that i can wear my flip flops again! :)

for the fun new sparkly color i painted my toes last night

that my friends and family love me even when i'm cranky :)

now on to some fun house stuff...........

since the home buying process has been kind of stressful i've decided i need to find ways to make it fun. i've been trying to take yoda's advice this week and keep calm about the situation. that and rely on matt and God more. i did do this the other day by asking for matt's help in calling insurance agents. normally this is something i just would have done. and actually he offered to take the whole thing on, at first i was just asking for him to call a few. he's a great husband :)

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

decorating the new place will definitely be fun :) we don't need to purchase anything really. we just need to figure out furniture and decoration placement and the biggies: deal with the floors and walls.

so the floors. i dream that under the gross white/beige carpet the hardwood looks like this:

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

how many of you are now laughing at me? yeah, they probably DO NOT look like that. but i can dream. so now we're left with the question of where do we go with the floors from here. do we rip the carpets up? (which is going to be a GIANT pain in the booty) do we steam clean and deal with the floors later? what i'm most scared about is that we're going to rip them up and they will be nasty and beyond repair and then what.  so we'll see. it might be a later down the road project we tackle.

the walls luckily are in good shape and are painted well but the colors are not my favorites. the bedrooms are blue, yellow and neon green. bleh. all need to be updated, haha. and the kitches is a DARK dark dark red. how many gallons of primer do you think it will take to cover that up? the living room and dining room are both a beige. i could leave them, but ideally i'd like something closer to sand. i'm enjoying these color combos:

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

i like the darkest color on the picture with the yarn for the living room and dining room. our couches are close to the first green. i'm thinking to make it not feel so closed in i might actually go for the lighter tan in that color combo for walls. i could always do one wall darker as an accent wall. and while the purple is pretty i'm  a much bigger fan of the blue in the second picture. and matt loves blue so i'd like for his favorite color to be in the house too :)

we also have to decide what to do with the fireplace. it looks like the one shown below:

right now it is painted white just like in the picture. however, i'm not sure how i feel about it. i'm kind of lost right now as to what to do with it though. maybe using the wall with the fireplace on it as the accent wall and picking a brighter/deeper/richer color for it would help me like it more. i do like how it stands out next to the green wall. i don't really want a green wall though. so maybe a nice deep sand color?

we will have a lot more wall space in the house. A LOT. even though we have a number of pictures and photos we're going to have to get creative in other areas. i like the two ideas below:

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

i don't think i'll use quite that many baskets, but it would be fun to do that with a few. and i've always loved the ways frames looks on a wall. i need my gran and mom to visit so we can hit up some antique stores and look for some fun things!! :)

our bedroom should be pretty easy to set up. i think it will look very similar to how we have it now. one thing i do need to do is repair our box spring. the dogs chewed one end when they first moved in.the set was brand new so there was no replacing! i think i can handle the example below though.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

and i also need some ideas on what to do in our laundry and what basically is a mud room. i think we'll probably end up doing something along the lines of a dog room for the mud room. have their food, treats, leashes, etc in there. there is also a guest bath right off of the mud room so we'll probably work on maybe incorporating a bench with some storage on the one wall. the laundry room i have high hopes for. i'd love to set it up so that i can keep all our laundry in there all the time and maybe have it be half way organized. we'll see. one big thing we have to do is hire a plumber to put in a real pipe for off the washing machine. right now it's attached to a hose. a garden hose. i feel like i've mentioned this before but i just can't get over it!!! 


Alyssa said...

I miss the Pumpkin Spice Lattes too!! I crave them even more when they aren't selling them haha.

Ryan said...

I love so much about this post that I can't comment on all of it! So I'll just say that I LOOOVE those greens, and that blue will be GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see it all come together. :)