Friday, March 30, 2012

it's friday!

people we have made it to friday! are you as excited as me? this has been one long week. like my boss said yesterday it felt like 4 monday's in a row.

we did get the appraisal for the house yesterday and yay it appraised for more than we're paying. that's always a good thing! i have a great realtor who always gets back to me and my lender's were pretty good up until the past few weeks. now that we're in the you're definitely using us to get your loan part of the process it can take her days to get back. we're being gifted some money from family and i keep trying to ask her how to go about doing it. and two days later nothing still. i sent her another email last night telling her that we got the appraisal. so maybe she'll respond. i'm not counting on it unfortunately. makes me a little more than frustrated!

but like i said before :

so i'm not going to let it get to me today!

does anyone else watch the firm?

i'm worried no one else does and that it's going to get cut after this season. but, i really enjoy it. and i like that it comes on saturdays. matt and i have a few to watch on the dvr so i'm excited about that this weekend.

less exciting on the to do list this weekend is this:

i do however really like the labels that are on the boxes. i'm thinking i might check out some office supply stores and see if they have any in stock. we're more than likely going to use a moving service (not one that packs or even drives the truck, they just load and unload. the really crappy parts!) and so we'll need to make sure every single thing is labeled. 

we're also currently trying to eat our way through the cabinets and freezer instead of grocery shopping. 1. it saves money and 2. it's things we don't have to move or toss. we've been having some interesting combinations lately :)

hope everyone has a great weekend!

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