Saturday, March 31, 2012

i love saturdays

so far our weekend has been very relaxing. i love a weekend where i don't have to do anything. i have caught up on a lot of things around the house. but, other than that we've been taking it easy.

we started the weekend off finally watching the descendants.

Source: via Ashlee on Pinterest

it was a good movie but SO depressing. matt and i both said we needed a good dose of happy after. it also made me really appreciate the fact that we have a good marriage. and makes me want to make sure that it always stays that way!

when we were on our walk last night Lady was going cray cray by the pond. i haven't seen her that determined to get something ever. and then i noticed a duck in the scrubby area by the pond. yup, my sweet Lady was trying EAT a poor mama duck who was busy laying her eggs. we had a little chat (and since she understands everything i say) she knows now to leave the duck alone :)

here's a picture i don't know if you can find her or not.

last night instead of popping pop corn i made some kale chips.

they were delicious. but you know what something i've been noticing is that they give me heartburn. i find that the kale returns to me (haha) for many hours after. maybe i just need to take a tums before ;)

 tonight we're having take out sushi from a little place by us and we're going to have a quiet night in. don't know if we're going to watch a movie or not. we'll see. i'm happy just to hang out with matt and the dogs. i am however going to be enjoying a few drinks of kinky with sprite.

what is kinky you ask?

a delicious, very pink liqueur that tastes like summer time and the beach all rolled in to one. you should go buy some for yourself. you can thank me later :)

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