Tuesday, March 13, 2012

dreary day

this has been quite the week or two weeks really. yesterday on the way home from work i noticed my car sounded funny so i pulled in to the local car repair shop to see if they could take a quick look. turns out i need a new water pump which means i should get a new timing belt which means we need to spend a lot of money on our car right when we're really trying NOT to spend a lot of money. i got in to quite a funk last night. you know the kind where you're all like how terrible things are, nothing is going right, it's not fair, yada yada. then i stopped for a minute and i was like what is my problem? (well part of it is that i have pms, i know i can't blame everything on that, but it does.not.help.)

(** i would also like to note that i am spoiled when it comes to cars and i realize this. my grandfather was an aviation mechanic, my brother in law grew up working on cars and two family friends own auto repair shops. i basically grew up never paying what other people to do for auto repairs. this living away from family thing has definitely been a real eye opener to just how lucky i was!!**)

matt and i are so lucky we have two cars. 2. we can afford to have one break down. our schedules allow us to car pool if necessary. we have enough food. we both have jobs. we have a roof over our heads. last night i needed a good dose of reality. 

this morning when i talked to my mom she told me that a family friend of ours was in the hospital. this poor man, nicknamed peewee (who really is anything but, especially in personality), has had another stroke. he's already had two and also has alzheimer's. my mom was meeting his wife for breakfast and then going to visit him. 

really makes you appreciate everything you have. and really puts things in to perspective. so we have to fix our car. we're spending more money than we want to. but, we are so darn lucky. our life is good. the things we have to complain about are not important. they are insignificant compared to others. so instead of being down in the dumps about what i do not have, today i'm going to be grateful for everything i do. 

if you could i know peewee and his wife would appreciate all the prayers they could get. 

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