Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what you need to buy a house (that they don't tell you about)

this is my unofficial list of things you need when thinking about buying a house

1. a savings account you don't mind seeing run dry

2. patience

3. chocolate if #2 is in short supply

4. wine if both #2 and #3 are in short supply

5. tissues for when #s 2-4 don't help

6. a realtor you don't mind feeling crazy in front of

7. more money

8. patience

9. lots of disposable leave or an extremely understanding boss

10. a husband who understands that you're a little neurotic. 

11. more wine and chocolate

12. having no shame and not caring if people poke through your entire life's history

13. all ALL of your records from the past 5 years. before you think about buying a house request copies of taxes, W2s, etc that you may be missing

14. enough hair so that when you start pulling it out you don't go bald

i think that's it for now. i'm not trying to scare people away from buying a house. just letting you know it's not all fun. there's a lot of not fun in between finding the house of your dreams and moving in. like a leaking hot water heater and a washer connection that involves a garden hose. yes you read that last sentence correctly. 

the house buying process makes you think you're crazy or unstable. you're really not. well maybe you are a little crazy, but only in a good way :)

it also makes you remind yourself 1000000 times a day that you are lucky to be in a position to buy a house. others would love to be worrying about the things you are instead of dealing with the things they are. 

now to repeat that to myself another 100000 times :)

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