Sunday, February 5, 2012

weekend recap

i was hoping this weekend would at least feel like it was a lot longer than it has. this week is our major workshop at work and it's going to be busy busy. i really need to get my beauty sleep tonight.

i treated myself to some toe painting and a face mask this afternoon :)

my toes are similar to this color but it's cvs brand. i love it! and i used this mint julep face mask that smelled wonderful. cajun kept trying to lick it off, haha.

lady gave us quiet a scare this morning. matt took her out for a walk like normal. they came back in while i was still getting ready. all of a sudden matt was like oh man lady puked ALL over your tennis shoes (and in them, haha). then it switched from she's puking to something is wrong. i felt my heart and stomach drop. it looked like she was having a seizure. by the time we got in the car and got part of the way to the emergency vet up in myrtle beach she was all of a sudden ok. we called the vet back and they said that instead of bringing her in we should watch her and make sure she had plenty of water. i picked through the vomit (ugh gross) and it looks like she ate some sort of animal feces. yup she ate poop. the doctor seemed to be confident that the fact that she puked so quickly and so much (like poltergeist amounts) and then recovered and has been ok all day, meant that she should be fine. we're definitely keeping our eyes on her though!

we came home got plenty of fluids in her and we all cuddled on the couch
poor cajun was tuckered out too. poor little baby spent the afternoon giving her kisses and making sure she was ok. we had a nice family nap and i think i've told them both i love them about 10 billion times since we got home. i hate that feeling of being helpless.

and now we're watching the super bowl

matt wants the patriots to win. i was mainly watching for madonna. there were a lot of sequins on those outfits they were wearing. i mean who doesn't like a good rendition of like a prayer? matt had stepped out of  the living room so i belted it out with the tv. i don't exactly sound like madonna in real life, but i like to pretend i do ;)

some of the commercials have been hilarious. i've already forgotten the ones i really liked. but a few had me laughing. some of the chevy commercials rubbed me the wrong way though. they said that the silverado is apocolypse proof. really? HOW do you even test for that? the guy with the twinkies at the end of that commerical did make me laugh though. who even knows what is really inside of a twinkie. another friend pointed out that not one woman was in that commercial. i guess women don't drive trucks nor survive. oh AND the commerical where they pretend to drop a car out of a plane like it's skydiving. i mean really? once again i just can't believe it. i guess they are memorable though.

time to go enjoy a glass of red wine before bed! :) hope everyone has a great week!

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