Friday, February 10, 2012

finally friday and fabulous valentine's challenge day 10!

this week has been LONG. we had a workshop at work for about 40 people. it takes a lot to not only train them but also just be ON for so many hours in a day ready to answer any question or deal with any issue they have at the drop of a hat.

i had high hopes of joining in this week for the fabulous valentine's challenge but it just didn't happen. today though i decided to take a break and join back in for the last day!! :)

Valentine’s Day Challenge

the last day is Day 10: Love my Vices

My vices have SO come in to play this week!

First there is WINE

i had a glass of wine every single day after work this week. some days two. something i don't usually do. but, it was very welcomed this week.

next up is STARBUCKS

Source: via Holly on Pinterest

i usually don't spend money on coffee out but i just didn't have time to make it at home this week. and well the coffee they made in house where we had our meeting wasn't terrific. luckily there was a starbucks on site and it saved me every morning! by the way, have you tried the new 'blonde' coffee? what did you think? i couldn't really tell a difference, it was still yummy so that's all i cared about!

lastly there is CHOCOLATE

what goes better with coffee or wine than chocolate, right?

can you tell my vices at least this week all revolve around food. it just might be the way i deal with stress ;)

i guess we also can't forget tv or magazines either. which is what i'm doing today on my day OFF. sitting in my comfy chair catching up on my dvr. also i am eating dulce de leche cheerios! go out and buy them today if you love caramel as much as me. it's like dessert for breakfast, which is exactly what this friday needed. 

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