Tuesday, February 28, 2012

to buy or not to buy

first of all in exactly 3 months we will have lived here for a year! craziness! that means that we are 30 days away from that magic 60 day notice that rental properties expect when you're moving out. matt and i are still up in the air as to what we're going to do.

we've been looking through the classifieds and with a rental agency for rentals. but, honestly nothing is fitting quite right. we have two dogs and no mr. rental manager I do NOT want to give them up. who asks that?

on a whim last week i started perusing some real estate listings. and you know what property in this area is kind of cheap! there is a giant difference between here and where i grew up. we're looking a little further out in the 'country' than we live now which i think also helps :) we really really want a yard for the dogs. it's pretty much the number one thing i've been looking for with both rentals and purchases. i found two great deals that we will hopefully get a chance to check out this week.

i feel very conflicted about the whole thing. i'm not sure which way we're being led right now. i've been praying on it some and i can't tell if i'm still letting my fear win out on these discussions, haha.

right now i'm taking the i'm not going to be devastated approach if it doesn't work out but if it did, that would be great. i know no matter what we can stay where we are. it isn't ideal from the two dogs perspective. we live on the second floor and i think even the dogs are tired of going up and down them when they have to go out. but, having that safety net to fall back on makes me much less stressed. still the dream of that back yard where they can just run free in is very up front in my mind right now.

in the next month or so i'll probably have some either really exciting news of we found the perfect place for us OR we're already in the perfect place for us.

all in all it's an exciting time. both houses we're looking at need some tlc we're just not sure how much. i can handle redoing a kitchen, i can't handle a house that needs new plumbing or electrical work throughout. so, that will play a large part in our decision making as well.

i keep going from feeling super excited to feeling like i'm going to puke. i always feel this way when i have to spend large amounts of money though. i always worry (way too much, i'm working on it!) that i'm not making the right decision. good thing matt isn't as wishy washy as me :)

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