Sunday, February 26, 2012

home sweet home

i spent this past weekend up in virginia. my grandfather had surgery and one of my friends was having a baby shower. matt took care of the dogs while i was gone and while i missed them i had such a great time!! :)

i have some major catching up to do. first, matt got a new car!

 it's a nissan versa and so far we love it! it gets great gas mileage and is just a great little car all around.

i got in to town thursday night. the only people who knew i was coming were my sister and my friend having the shower. i surprised my grandparents, mom and uncle! i got them really good. my sister made them think that it was her husband coming in when i got to my grandparent's house. they all gasped when i walked in! :) it was so great getting to hug them all. 

friday was a great day. i got to go over to the hospital and surprise grandaddy with gran and krystle. it was so cute seeing his face. i wish i could have taken a picture of his face. i loved seeing him and getting to know he was ok. 


 while i was home i found this awesome picture when i went recliner shopping with my grandmother. it was 75% off!!! i had to get it. we also picked out two new recliners for gran and grandaddy. i didn't get a picture but they are so comfortable. i'm glad they treated themselves to them after the year they've had!

saturday morning i had lunch with my mom and we went to a local mexican restaurant. before then i had NEVER had huevos rancheros. oh my gosh. so amazing! they also have all you can eat waffles. and they were probably the best waffles hands down i've ever had. mom and i were stuffed! luckily we did a little shopping after to burn some calories. i got a new pair of every day shoes that are so comfortable. they're by cliffs i think and are like walking on air. 

i went over to mom's house (i don't sleep there because of the cats, i sleep at my grandparents!) for a bit and found this on the couch. don't know if you can tell or not but it is a giant remote. it's the size of a book. so hilarious. finally mom can change the channels without her glasses on :)


i had such a great time with everyone i miss them so much already. krystle and i got a lot of time together. we went and got sweet frog's friday night and had a whole sister night. it was great to get some girl talk in and just hang out. i'm so lucky she's my sister and that we're so close!

my grandfather got to go home today from the hospital, yay! i know he is happy and so if everyone else. the hospital is about an hour and a half away from home so it's quite the task to get over there every day. 

i didn't get pictures this time with everyone which was sad but i tried! and i didn't get a single picture at the shower. but, i think other people did. it was the first time i had seen my coworkers since i left! and it was the first time i had seen my friend pregnant in person. it was a lot of fun. 

and while i was sad to leave it's nice to be sitting on the couch watching the oscars with the dogs :)

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Mrs. Robinson said...

It sounds like y'all had a great weekend!!! :) Nice car!