Sunday, February 12, 2012

weekend recap

first of all i was very very saddened to hear that whitney houston had passed away. i feel like almost every middle school and high school dance i went to had at least once whitney song. and i mean who doesn't love the bodyguard. that's right there is no one (or there shouldn't be!) that doesn't love this movie. i remember popping pop corn and watching this with my mom for the first time when i was in high school.

it just makes me so sad to see someone so talented pass away too soon. if nothing else i hope her story wakes someone else up who is going through something similar. that they will see that the drugs and alcohol are not worth it. that they have more to contribute to this world than that.


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that's all i have to really say about that. and now i have an awkward change to something less sad. cheerios. you heard me right, i'm moving from whitney to cheerios. because i can. on the weekends i like to treat myself to special cereal for breakfast. if there's one thing i love more than cereal it's caramel. someone heard me talking and they created this amazing new thing. dulce de leche cheerios. i eat them with almond milk. it's heaven in a bowl. please go buy some! you will thank me later!!

 overall we've had a pretty low key weekend. matt worked and i just recovered from last week. i had a little bit of insomnia thursday night because i couldn't stop thinking about the workshop and things i needed to get done. we all took friday off and i could have done my work then, but since i couldn't sleep....i did a bunch of work from 2 to 4 friday morning! and i a lot accomplished. i wrote out a debriefing that i'm hoping to go over at work tomorrow and sent a few emails. it's amazing how many little notes you write yourself over 4 days!

which brings me to another thing i love. post it notes. without them i would never be organized or remember to do anything!

how cool are these post its? i need them for my office! :)

now it's time to cook some dinner. matt's working again so i might have some more cereal ;) and then get ready to watch the grammy's. hope everyone has a wonderful sunday night!!

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