Thursday, January 12, 2012

there's the sun!

i went to bed at 9 pm last night. no lie! today my attitude is matching the sunshine that has finally made it's way here! i think not getting enough sleep + dreary weather was putting me in a bad mood. it probably also doesn't hurt that tomorrow is Friday! :)

i'm excited that we're on the road to summer but that also has me sad about one other thing: TOURISTS. i realize we live in a touristy area and my husband gets more hours at work in the summer because of it, but man am i going to miss a few things. first this:

that my friends is an empty beach. want to know how often that happens in the summer: NEVER. 

i'm sure wearing flip flops and the sun being out until 9pm will help me get over the tourists real quick though :)

i just realized when i was at the beach the other day that i really need to take advantage of my weekends where i can not only find a good parking spot but the dogs and i are on the only ones on the beach. i know some of your are reading this going at least you live that close to the beach. i know i know, we're spoiled down here on the coast ;)

matt and i watched moneyball last night. 

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

really good movie and well brad pitt is just hot. 

another movie we watched recently is contagion 

Source: via Mike on Pinterest

also another excellent movie. much better than money ball in my opinion. but, if stuff like that freaks you out i wouldn't watch it. also i will warn (**minor spoiler alert!**) that there is a gross part in the beginning where they show an actress' scalp/skull being sawed away so they can examine the brain. if you are say, eating a small bowl of ice cream when that comes on, you will lose your appetite and be forced to throw your butter pecan in the trash!

the other excellent thing about thursdays is it's a grey's night :) and matt and i also watched the premiere of the firm sunday. i think it comes back tonight with it's next episode. my money is on us watching the firm and me dvring grey's for tomorrow night when matt is at work. which brings us to another funny topic. do any married couples have 'that' chair that you sort of but not really fight over? we have this amazing giant chair with an ottoman that is basically the size of a love seat. we both love that chair. i try so hard to tell myself the couch is just as comfy but it just isn't. that chair is the best. i think we should have bought two of them instead of the sofa! :)

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Mrs. Robinson said...

Ooh...I'm glad to know you liked those movies. Both of them are on our list of movies-to-watch! :)

& I tagged you in a post!