Thursday, January 12, 2012

i've been tagged!

this is a first for this blogger! i've never been tagged before. So thank you Mrs. Robinson :)

...The rules...
1. you must post the rules.
2. post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
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11 fun facts
1. i've been on the today show. when i worked on cape cod they filmed us at a mass stranding of pilot whales and common dolphins after a nor'easter.

2. i've seen a sea turtle nest hatch and hatchlings make their way to the water for the first time

3. i know how to drive a boat

4. even though i work in marine science i'm secretly afraid of swimming in the ocean. i KNOW what's in there. you know?

5. i have naturally curly hair and the first question ever single person says to me is why do you still get a perm or everyone wishes they had your hair. 

6. i bought my very first new car last year. even though i'm married i'm a secret commitment phobe when it comes to all other things (like house and car payments). i thought i was going to puke when i signed the papers for my car!

7. my married name is Tortolini, but my husband is not Italian. and no, I do not want any tortellini

8. i've lived in 5 states including MO, MA, SC, FL and VA. I love SC but I miss VA a lot. Especially the people there!

9. i've been to Cuba

10.  i hate flying. i haven't been on a plane since 2002 and i don't know if i'll ever be able to make myself fly again. 

11.  matt and i met online. i wasn't even going to message him but my friend told me to just go for it. best decision i ever made!

questions from Mrs. Robinson
what color are your toenails right now? a very pretty sparkly green blue that i picked up at cvs!

what's your favorite joke (or at least one that you always remember)? you know how some people just aren't joke funny? that would be me. i am terrible at telling jokes, my timing is always off. i think i'm a funny person just not joke funny. that's what i have matt for :)

how old were you when you had your "first love"? i thought i was in love in high school but that was more of an extreme like. matt is definitely my first true love :)

what is one thing you always find money for, regardless of the budget you're on? mousse. i know that sounds crazy but my hair is VERY curly. i must have mousse. 

who was your favorite cartoon character or princess when you were growing up? i was obsessed with both she-ra and rainbow bright :)

if you lost your phone and somebody was looking through your pictures, would they find anything embarrassing or inappropriate?  only of the dogs! and maybe one of matt in a sombrero ;)

how many tattoos do you have?  none i'm a big chicken only have two ear piercings and that is all i will ever have!

do you know what slapsgiving is?  if need to e-mail me so that we officially become bff's.  :)  haha of course i do! if someone doesn't they should get netflix just so they can watch himym. seriously you can watch the whole entire show in 2 months i bet. and it is so worth it! (and the new season is available on the cbs website. go now what are you waiting for?)

do you & your significant other pass gas in front of each other? matt is a gas machine and at this point yeah i've definitely passed gas in front of him. something i would never have done when dating. but, when you live with someone those things just come out!

what do you think your worst personality/character flaw is? doubting myself and what i know. and not thinking i'm good enough.  

do you know the muffin man? no, but if you're ever in pawleys island you should check out the pawleys island bakery their muffins are a-mazing :)

i don't have anyone to tag but if i think of anyone or find anyone i will tag them! and i'll come up with my questions then ;)

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Mrs. Robinson said...

Yay! This was great! :) I enjoyed reading it, and I'll have to try their muffins next time I'm that way. :)