Friday, January 13, 2012

friday randoms

1. i went to cvs during my lunch break and got some things for matt and i. for $18 i got 3 bottles of matt's shampoo+conditioner, 2 bottles of my conditioner, 1 bottle of my shampoo, 2 things of my deodorant, one of matt's deodorant, 1 bottle of matt's body wash, and a GIANT bottle of listerine. Thank you coupons and my 20% off coupon from cvs!

2. i told you in my last post that i never go without mousse. well yesterday i used the last of the bottle i had on the counter and ASSUMED i had one under the sink. never assume. i went to work with an updo and a lot of leave in conditioner. i have to go to wal-mart to buy it because even with the 20% off from cvs they are still cheaper. yep, walmart's price is 40% that of cvs'. makes me so angry.

3. it's nice when your boss stands up for you. today someone sent me an email response alluding to an agreement they had with my boss. i mean do you really think i sent you the first email without my boss' knowledge? anyway she stood up for me, felt nice!

4. i've been in my office since september and i just decorated this week. nothing like needing to get a powerpoint done to make you want to do ANYthing else. anything.

5. matt works tonight and while i'll miss him, i'm looking forward to time in my comfy chair, pizza, champagne and dvr'd episodes of himym and grey's!

6. people should substitute champagne in for wine more often. bubbles are fun.

7. i drank my first diet pepsi at work today since coming back on the 3rd!

8. i need to get one of those plug-in things like scensty makes for the wall for my office. i have a candle in here but i can't burn it and i want it to smell nice in here. right now it smells like stale office and popcorn.

9. i can't stand watching those aspca commercials on tv. they make me hug my dogs super close every time i see them. also i wish i could have like 10 dogs. i think i need a farm.

10. i think the word day should end at 2 every Friday. that's when my brain exits the building why not my body too?

11. i like bullets, it's like writing an outline. i'm good at outlines. as mentioned above power points and presentations. not so much!

12. the past two nights one of the dogs has gotten up at 4 am. wednesday night lady had to pee at 4 am because she had a rawhide before bed so had to consume 15 gallons of water after and last night matt gave cajun a piece of his chicken nugget, poor buddy has the most sensitive stomach ever, so he puked in bed at 5 am. he then of course needed to be rubbed back to sleep. my dogs are just a tiny bit spoiled.

13. i'm trying to read the alchemist right now and i have plans to read the marriage plot. however, i'd rather read blogs or watch teen mom most nights. how sad is that?

14. i miss my family a lot. i can't wait for them to come visit. i really wish i could have dinner with them tonight. usually my grandmother cooks clam chowder on fridays and the family all gets together at her place. i miss that. also i can't recreate her chowder. mine comes out runny and off white, her chowder is thick and a pretty pearl color. (sigh) what do grandmother's put in their cooking? maybe i can find some at walmart when i get my mousse.

15. i think i'm done. HAPPY FRIDAY! :)


Erin said...

New follower! Found you on Neely's blog :) I live in SC too, but not at the beach :) I love bullets, too...hope you had a happy friday!

Jenny Lee said...

Random posts are so fun! BTW, glad you enjoyed the "Better" post!