Thursday, January 19, 2012

feels like home

I realized two things recently. Matt and I forgot our 6 month wedding anniversary in November and I forgot my 6 month work anniversary in December!

I can't believe at this point that Matt and I have been married for 8 months and that we've been in SC for over 7 months now. Some days it feels like a blink of an eye and other times it feels like forever. Matt and I eloped this past May. Neither one of us is a big steal the show kind of person and to be honest I wasn't one of those little girls who always dreamed about her wedding. I didn't actually think I was marriage material until I met Matt. Funny, huh, the way things work out :)

SC is also starting to feel like home. The people at the pharmacy where we shop know us by name, so does the check-out guy at our favorite grocery store (something that doesn't happen in the big city, huh? ;)). I know the drive home from work by heart. I have a favorite parking space at work that people leave open for me. Do people at other companies have favorite parking spots almost to the point where it feels like spots are assigned? I swear it's so funny, everybody has their spot and for the most part people don't stray from those spots. When they do they get the evil eye ;) 

I know how to get to the important places now, I know some of the short cuts, I know the good beaches to go to, we have another couple we play cards with once a week, we have new friends here, people to call up and grab dinner or go to a movie with. It feels like home, you know?

We're now getting in to the interesting territory of where to live next. Do we buy (so scary, makes me want to throw up even thinking about it as a possibility, I think I might need to rent for a little longer!) or rent, do we stay in Pawleys, do we move north or south of here? Are we going to be able to find a good rental to take our two dogs? So many questions. But, it's exciting because hopefully we'll find a great little rental house that will make this place feel even more like home :)

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Mrs. Robinson said...

I loved this post, Amber! :) I haven't seen any pictures of you two love birds, so yay! :)

And I'm right there with ya...I never thought of myself as "marriage material" either. Not until I met my now-husband. It's amazing what a little love can do, isn't it? :)

Good luck with finding some rental property! I lived in a rental home in Florence about two years ago, and I love it! It felt like HOME without as much of a commitment as buying a house, ya know? And sometimes the owners can be more flexible about pets & dogs. So, best of luck to y'all!

And ps....I noticed my button on the side! THANKS! XOs!