Friday, January 20, 2012

the moment

i recently read a blog about with a post called the moment everything changed. based on this book. it's about moments in life when everything changes, impacts everything else to come in life. obviously our life is full of moments like these, but some are more apparent than others. i thought about my moment and i think it all goes back to the time i spent on cape cod. i moved there for a part-time job that i had hoped would move to a full time position. the time eventually came that a full-time position opened up within my office. i was ecstatic, i knew for sure this was the sign that i was meant to be in the stranding field forever and i was going to live on cape cod forever. i didn't get the promotion. i was devastated. it sent me in to a tail spin and i wasn't sure what to do with my life. i decided to move home and work part-time at the local marine science insitute. for awhile i wasn't sure if i had made a good decision or not. eventually it became apparent that it was a good fit. i was good at my new job. i liked it. i spent the next 5 years. if i didn't move home i wouldn't have found a career that was perfect for me. i wouldn't have met my husband. i wouldn't have met my friends from my last job. i wouldn't have found my brand new job that i love so much. i would never have moved to south carolina. and i wouldn't have my dogs! (most important, right?!? ;)).

so what's your moment? or moments?

i know it's some deep thinking for a friday. but it's also fun :)

now it's time for some grey's and wine. and little less deep thinking than earlier.

happy friday!

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Mrs. Robinson said...

Hmmm....I guess with the messes I've made of my life I've had more than one "a-ha" moment. I remember in high school (I was a wild one...) my parents sat me down and has a serious talk with me on drinking and driving. My best friend in the entire world all through high school was Kristen, she was like a sister and we were ALWAYS together in MY car. My parents knew we drank & didn't like it, but I was a little out of control. Um...I remember them telling me the statistic (which I can't remember now)...but it was about how much MORE likely the passenger is to die in a car accident. They told me that statistically, we were bound to get in an accident and she was bound to be hurt or killed, and I would probably be okay. They asked me if I could live with that guilt...if I could go look her parents in the eyes and tell them that I killed their daughter. That was a pretty big moment for changed a lot of things in my life.

And the other big moment that changed everything was when I knew I had lost my (now) husband. I knew I had to get him back, and that I needed to cut out some pretty bad habits...partying, drinking, drugs, and the like... in order to do so. So, I did. & now we're married! :)