Wednesday, January 18, 2012


i didn't go to the movies to see 50/50, i heard it was good, but i just am not usually willing to pay theatre prices to see movies!

along with contagion and money ball i definitely would have been willing to pay to see this movie in a theatre. this was such a good movie. there are some things in the movie that will offend people (sex, drugs, etc). but, at the heart of it it's a good movie about friendship and family. i think the writer of the movie will reiser is interesting and you can read his interview with npr here

makes you think about what you would do/go through for a friend/family member/significant other if they were suffering from an illness and what it takes to be there for them. the one time i spilled some tears was when adam (main character) goes to kyle's (the best friend) house to take his drunk best friend who he feels doesn't really get his situation home. he goes in to the bathroom and find a book about cancer and all these sections are underlined. and then the relationship between adam and his parents really made me cry too.  he acts like such a 27 year old boy that doesn't want to rely on his mom. until he has to and then he's glad she's there. 

the point of this post is, go rent the movie. i think you'll really enjoy it. 

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