Friday, December 16, 2011

where did this week go?

i swear it was just sunday and i just finished doing a weekend recap. how is it already the weekend again? where did this week go??

we're finally finished with christmas shopping! well except for one thing. i have always loved jc penny but this year they are just not on the ball. we ordered this nascar hat for matt's brother in law online on thanksgiving day. guess what STILL hasn't even shipped yet? yeah, so we cancelled that order and are going to go to the mall this weekend and try to find him something else. and this is after they delivered my friend's wedding shower gift broken, twice. and their customer service has been lacking. at one point something else we had ordered for matt's grandfather hadn't come in yet and so we had called about it and they accused us and our apartment manager of lying and said that she signed for it and it was probably in our house. guess what showed up two days later? i think they just lost me as a customer forever.

i attempted to give blood at a red cross blood drive here at work yesterday. so NOT a good idea. i tried once before 12 years ago and passed out. i decided they needed a second chance. while i was waiting someone passed out and another person threw up. i decided to still try. it took 8 sticks but they finally got the blood flowing and then it got like 2/3 the way full and it stopped. it apparently clotted and since they had stuck me so many times they gave up :( they had to throw my blood away. how much of a bummer is that? now my right arm looks like i'm some sort of addict and also slightly like i let someone beat the inside of my arm up. fun times!

at least i got two cookies and i got to leave early yesterday. and today is the office christmas party! i made the oreo cookie truffles i posted a few weeks ago. i had to test one out for breakfast and make sure they tasted alright. i love fridays and getting to eat truffles with my cereal :)


Mrs. Robinson said...

well...that's a post full of bummers. :( I'm sorry for all of the bad stuff that has happened to you this week! Go check out this post from La Vita e Bella for a little cheering up. :)

Amber in South Carolina said...

chocolate makes up for a lot! :) loved that post though. it was awesome. also i saw on the blogger map that you're in MB! i live down in pawleys, so crazy!