Monday, December 19, 2011

is Christmas really 6 days away?!?

How is December almost over? Yikes! I have so much to do. I feel like I've been a bad blogger the past few weeks. But, I'm hardly at home and when I am I don't want to touch my computer. Only two days of work left though and then I'm off until January 3rd! One of the BEST perks of working for a university. Hopefully I'll get some good blogging time in after Christmas when I'm home just relaxing. 

We're getting the dogs ready for the big trip at the end of this week. This weekend while visiting with a friend we discovered cow hooves. The dogs are now obsessed. Like they didn't sleep last night so they could chew their toys obsessed. I probably won't give them one every day, but we are taking an ample supply for the road trip. Maybe it will keep Cajun from crying the entire time. I haven't decided if he gets car sick, just hates the car or what. But, even with medicine he cries the entire time we're in the car. And when we stop at rest areas we basically have to force him to get back in. Poor little guy. At least he gets to see his Grammy and get some gifts after he makes it to Virginia. Lady is the easiest traveller ever, she falls asleep approximately 2.5 seconds after we start driving and only wakes up when we make her get out for bathroom breaks. I think I mentioned this before but we found two dog play areas on 1-40 in NC. We definitely plan on making stops at  both of them. Cajun ran like he had never been free in his whole entire little life when we got to the first one during our road trip back in September, haha! :)

And I mentioned my issues with JCPenney before, someone from their Facebook department (does JCPenney really have a facebook department? I don't know, but the email says something like facebook at so who knows! Anyway they are sending me a merchandise credit, which I didn't expect but definitely makes up for the money we spent on shipping and the hours we spent on the phone trying to figure out where our stuff is. I wish I had taken a picture of the Redskins gnome we got for Matt's brother in law. Worth EVERY minute of annoyance. I'll have to remember to snap one at the Christmas party. 

Now I need to start my to do list for the rest of the week! Oh and maybe get some work done ;)

And so you don't get too bored. Here are some failed attempts at getting a cute Christmas photo with my dogs. We didn't even make it out of the house before things went South. They would also not even wear their hats to I tried to make them look like scarves. Maybe next year?

Lady was "Nice'

Cajun was both bored from the start and "Naughty' 

The only picture where they would sit next to each other. Lady looks like she's planning ways to get back at me. 

This photo just cracks me up because it is so Cajun. He always want to know what Lady is doing and is always yawning. Apparently we humans are really boring. 

And in case you were wondering the hats are now gone. Cajun started tearing his up shortly after this photo was taken. Oh well!

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