Sunday, December 11, 2011

weekend recap

we had a pretty good holiday weekend. friday night i watched the help. such a GOOD movie. loved it. i of course cried at the end. skeeter's relationship with her mother and the women she wrote with made me tear up. 

saturday night we went to brookgreen gardens for their night of a thousand candles my pictures don't do it justice but here are a few. they lights were so awesome. i liked the white lights but the colored lights in the children's garden were my favorite. i loved the statues there too!

we also finished up some Christmas shopping for family and we used a gift card to go out to dinner tonight. Dinner was good but my favorite part was the plantain chips that I had as my appetizer. they were SO good. i love plantains. 

we got the dogs a new toy today. 

we'll see how long it survives! 

lady was being super cute this weekend too. as soon as i get home she gets right in my face and then 'falls' to the ground and rolls on her back. she needs lots of belly rubs. she constantly begs to be rubbed. i love it though, she's so adorable.

hope everyone else had a good weekend too! :)


Mrs. Robinson said...

What?! Brookgreen Gardens? Girl...we are from the same neck of the woods if you're going there! :)

I've never been to that event before, but I'm from around here. :) I hear it's wonderful. I'm glad y'all had fun!

Ryan K said...

Your dogs are so cute! I've got 4 corn chip kids :) I love ..cute blog!

Amber in South Carolina said...

That's too funny! It is a beautiful display if you get the chance to go. I think this Thursday/Friday may be the last time it's open for this year at least.

Mrs. Robinson said...

Amber, {in response to your question} it's China Glaze brand and the color is called "Treehugger." I love it. I had my nail lady put some gold glitter on top of it to be a little Christmassy, but I love the color! :)

& I love that your toes were green for the wedding! I had my toenails bright blue when I took my bridal portraits and my wedding planner FLIPPED out on me. haha He was so mad. He had the photographer photoshop my toes. haha