Thursday, December 8, 2011


my brain has officially checked out for vacation. at least next week is the last full week before break! woohoo. 

i pretty much know what i'm getting for christmas which makes me happy. i'd rather get practical things i need/want than things that won't go to use. that just seems wasteful. 

these are some things i really want/need. 

i must have something to store the dogs food in. i am tired of just having a giant bag of dog food in the utility room. 
i want a dry erase board for the fridge. i am so forgetful and it will be a good way to keep up with what i need. 

there are so many cute crafts i want to make that require a glue gun!

my mixing bowls are plastic and cheap and falling apart. i need some new ones!

i am obsessed with tea. 

with two dogs and a husband my house needs more candles!

and one thing that i would never buy myself but think is fun:

how fun is this? i could keep my drink by computer cold with the little fridge that plugs in to your usb. i probably won't ever really buy this. but it's fun! :)

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