Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i've seen on some friends facebook pages and blogs that they are doing a month of being thankful. hopefully this will bring me to the blog more as well!

so today i'm doing posts for november 1st and 2nd!

i think my mom deserves two days of thankfullness. she's an amazing woman and mother. i wouldn't be where i am today without her. she's taught me to be kind, compassionate, to think and take care of myself and how to love. i miss her so much since we've moved to SC. we used to meet up once a week for lunch and shopping. i can't wait until over the holidays when we get to do it again! :) so here's to my mom, the best mother, woman and friend. love you mom!

mom, krystle and i at the va aquarium

mom, matt and i at our wedding

mom and i in north carolina

time to go and watch some prison break with the husband. we finished friday night lights a week ago. can i just say how sad i am that FNL is over?!?! who thought it was a good idea to cancel that show? i already miss it. my husband commented on the way home from the store today how he wished we could go home and watch an episode. luckily for now we have prison break which is interesting, but nothing like my fnl. i might also sneak a little taco too. we had tacos for dinner and they were so good! along with our treat for the night the new dr. peppers with 10 calories or grams of carbs of something, very yummy, tastes just like real dr. pepper but so much better for you!

i think that's all the randomness for the day!

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