Thursday, November 3, 2011


a month of being thankful: november 3rd

today i am very thankful that matt has started substituting! hopefully he gets called often! i'm also hoping that he can move forward with the pace program here in SC and teach high school (or middle school) english next year. for now though i'm thankful for this small step forward. it makes me so happy to see him be able to get dressed and use his degree. i can tell he was excited today. we need to get him a 'man' bag though and a lunch box. i sent him off without both today! that definitely will not happen again!

on a completely unrelated note. does anyone else have stiicky notes everywhere? i have them all over my monitor, on my desk top, on the fronts of folders, hanging on the wall, etc. i don't think i could live without my sticky notes. some days i wouldn't remember anything without them! (or at least that's how it feels).

alright, i need to get back to it. i'm the only one at work, which even though it should mean i'm more productive usually means my mind wanders easier. turning the music up and being productive today though!

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