Sunday, October 30, 2011

i'd love to say that i've been super busy lately but really things are just a normal amount of busy. i enjoy blogging when i come here but for some reason i just don't do it that often.

fall is officially here in south carolina. the nights are cold and the days are perfect for flip flops and sweatshirts.

we carved a pumpkin today which i will hopefully get a picture of lit up tonight and i roasted the seeds with old bay, yum! they were the perfect afternoon snack.

we've started to go to the beach more now that the tourists are gone. lady loves it and cajun is working on loving it. i'm hoping we can let them run more once the few straggling fisherman leave. i'd hate to have cajun run over their fishing poles and knock out their coolers! here are a few pics from one of our trips...

the beach here is so beautiful and so relaxing. if the houses didn't cost millions of dollars i'd think about buying a house there! hah!

matt has finally got some good news on the job front. he's been accepted as a substitute teacher. here's hoping to lots of busy and sick teachers! just kidding! how about lots of teachers with fun things to do so they need to call in someone to help out :) they also have a neat program called pace here in SC which may be his best bet for getting certified down here. we're hoping to hear more about it as time goes on. i'm excited for him!

i'm so excited for the holidays to get here. this will be our first thanksgiving as a married couple and our first thanksgiving away from VA and family. we're going home at christmas for a week, but we're staying down here for thanksgiving. i'm kind of excited to plan a meal for the two of us. and also trying to find some way to volunteer that day. matt will probably be working his part time job so i'll have some portion of the day on my own. hopefully i can find a good cause to help with!

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