Monday, November 14, 2011

being thankful: i'm behind!

whoops i dropped the ball and i'm quite behind. today is day 14 and i think i left off on day 9! i do have a good excuse though. i travelled to virginia and d.c. this weekend to visit family and friends and attend a friend's bridal shower. i had a very uneventful drive there and back which i'm thankful for.i got to meet my friend kate's baby boy jack, go wine tasting with friends, and catch up with some friends i haven't seen in awhile. i also got to relax and catch up with my family. great weekend all around! i did miss matt and the dogs though and was very thankful to get home last night and cuddle with them. here are some pics from the weekend! :)

with my friends from mary washington!

erin (the bride to be) and i at a vineyard. 

jack and i hanging out!

kate and i at a winery! :)

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