Wednesday, November 16, 2011

being thankful day 15 and 16: my grandparents

i might be biased but i think i have the best grandparents in the entire world. they have always always been there for my mom, sister and i. they helped us after my parents divorce, gave us a place to live and helped us get back on our feet. they drove us to school, concerts, practices, recitals, award ceremonies, they celebrated every achievement with us. my grandfather drove me to volunteer at the marine institute where i lived for 3 years before i got my license. he always met me with a snack and then hung out by the water while i worked :) they moved me to and from college 4 times. they moved me to florida, massachussetts and in virginia a few times and most recently to south carolina. they are amazing. i love them both so much. i treasure each moment i get to spend with them. i'm very excited for the upcoming christmas holiday and being home for a week! i'm going to love being at their house for all that time, i can't wait! :)

gran, grandaddy, krystle and i at christmas last year

gran and grandaddy when i moved to massachusetts!

gran and grandaddy and i at my wedding

the family at krystle's wedding

the family at my wedding! :)

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