Wednesday, November 9, 2011

being thankful day 9: short commutes

you might think what i'm thankful for today is a little strange. but, let me tell you, it's not. before we moved to SC matt and I lived in Suffolk, VA but I worked in Gloucester. It was about a 90 mile round trip commute that involved about 30 stop lights, 2 bridges, and 2 interstates. yeah. try that five days a week for over a year. some days i got home and felt like crying. i'd leave home at 7:00 and get home at 5:30 or after on a good day. bad days were closer to 7. there was one terrible time that it took me three hours to get to work, i still shudder.

now that we're in SC i have a 20 mile round trip commute down one road with about 3 stop lights. amazing doesn't even begin to explain it. the first week i was always early. how do you go from a 45 mile one way drive to 10 and have any idea on how to get their at the right time? i was used to traffic jams, broken down tractor trailers, signs telling you what exits to avoid. now i turn right and then turn left. the only issue i have had to deal with is the rather large older population who tends to drive a bit slow. that i will take ANY day over what i used to do. i even have time to do crazy things in the morning now like pack lunches, eat breakfast AT home, do dishes, take care of the dogs. all in the time it used to take me just to drive to work.

so today i am more than thankful for short commutes! :)

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