Sunday, November 20, 2011

being thankful day 19 and 20

today i am thankful for my life here in south carolina. i'm so lucky to live in a nice, safe place, drive a new-ish car, that matt and i both have jobs and can afford to eat and pay our bills when so many other people can't. i felt even more thankful while running my errands and doing stuff around the house this weekend. i really, truly am very lucky.

speaking of which it has been SUCH a wonderful weekend! the weather has been perfect. i finally cleaned my poor car. and when i say cleaned i mean i went crazy. i cleaned every speck of trash out of it, vacuumed, used car wipes to clean the inside, also cleaned the glass inside, organized the trunk, washed the body and tires! it smells like grapefruit now instead of old leaves and dog and i swear when i was walking away it was smiling.

i finished up shopping for thanksgiving and did a little baking this weekend too. this is some apple butter i made in the crock pot. i've also attempted to make bread twice in the bread machine. the first time i didn't add the yeast right and it didn't rise. the second time i forgot to insert the paddle in the bottom. oi. i just don't have it in me right now to give it a third try. maybe later. the apple butter though is amazing. however, that little tiny bit represents 10 apples and 10 hours of cooking on low! it was fun to make it myself though. and the house smelled amazing while it was cooking.

today is all about relaxing. matt is watching some football and then we'll probably watch some fringe. we just started watching the series, i haven't seen it before. it's a little out there, but pacey (from dawson's creek!) is in it, so i'll give it a few more episodes and see if it really sucks me in :)

and then this week is a short week yay! looking forward to some time off with matt and the dogs. hopefully the weather is nice so we can go check out the beach.

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