Monday, November 21, 2011

being thankful day 21

edit: i finally won the battle of amber vs the bread machine! i made a very lovely loaf of old fashioned white bread. smells delicious! can't wait for it to cool so i can try it out :)

november is flying by! how is it the 21st already?!?!?! doesn't seem possible. 

i've probably already said this quite a few times but i am SO thankful for a short work week this week. i'm trying to stay focused at work but all i can think about is tackling things at home. some of the things on my list: trying to bake bread again, picking out and making a dessert for thursday, organizing my closets, finishing up christmas shopping! and decorating for christmas! woohoo! although it's hard to get in the let's decorate mood when it's almost 80 out. i need a good chilly day when i can make some hot chocolate and wear some fuzzy socks. oh and cooking thanksgiving dinner too! my turkey is thawing in the fridge as we speak. all ready for some marinade and the oven.

one of my favorite flavors is peppermint. i get all giddy when i walk in to stores and see candy canes. sadly i might not be able to put as many on the tree this year. both dogs love anything edible, therefore candy canes wouldn't last long! i can't wait to unwrap one and put in my hot chocolate. i can taste it already. one year someone gave out homemade peppermint hot cocoa mix and i was in heaven. i might have to make some of that this year! :)

another incredibly random side note, does anyone else feel like they could vacuum twice a day every day and it would still look like you never vacuumed at all? five minutes after i finish the dogs have chewed another toy up, matt has tracked in leaves, there are little fuzzies from who knows where. it drives me UP a wall! i just want some clean floors. and i love my vacuum and i don't really want to spend too much money (or any really!) on a new one. this one is only a year old. you don't realize how important a vacuum is until yours doesn't work!

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