Friday, November 18, 2011

being thankful day 18

it's going to sound cliche but i don't think i could be any more thankful that today is FRIDAY! i was so happy when the little alarm icon disappeared from my phone after i shut it off this morning. not like i actually sleep in very late but still not waking up to an alarm is a glorious feeling.

i wished i had been able to stay at the bonfire/nut boiling (that sounds so wrong) last night. it was a lot of fun, and contrary to what i believed earlier in the day boiled nuts are quite tasty. especially if they have cajun spice on them! i had to leave even earlier than i thought because matt texted me at about 5:15 with the soooo dinner is at 6 not 7 message. let's just say i hurried. i really dislike being late. it's from my grandmother, she is always on time if not early. now that i'm an adult i can't handle being late either. thankfully we made it just in time last night. we ate at t-bones steakhouse in murrells inlet. i was excited to go there because instead of a chain it's a local place and i like supporting local. BUT, i was very disappointed. the prices were higher than the menu they had online and i've had a better steak from applebee's. also....matt's prime rib was basically still moo-ing and he ordered it medium rare, not still attached to the cow. i was hoping to be impressed but we won't be going back again.

it was nice meeting new friends in the area. i think we're going to this place with them during the christmas holiday. brookgreen gardens is a local garden/zoo that is about 5 minutes from our house. at christmas they have a night of a thousand candles where they decorate the gardens with candles and lights and you walk through. i'm very excited for this! they also make homemade hot chocolate and apple cider. definitely something to look forward to!

alright this post is random enough and i should probably get back to work. even if it is already 4:30 this afternoon in my head......

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