Thursday, November 17, 2011

being thankful: day 17 AND some other things

i finished up shopping for thanksgiving last night and i am very thankful for that! i still need to buy a sweet potato for me though. matt and i are staying in south carolina with the dogs next week. it's going to be kind of sad and strange to not being going home. but, it's also kind of nice to be in our own home for the holiday. i've got the menu planned out (which should last us literally all next weekend, hah!) we're having turkey, scalloped potatoes, stuffing (stove top just like gran! :)), sweet potatoes, peas (leseur of course!), cranberry sauce, maybe rolls and then maybe a dessert. i haven't said much about it on here but matt's diabetic so it makes planning for meals like this a little interesting. especially when it's just the two of us. do i really need a whole thing of rolls or a dessert when it's just the two of us? i might buy some of those frozen rolls and then just cook one or two and then save the rest for later. and as for dessert i'm not sure yet. i'll probably want a little something sweet but i might go the way of pumpkin bread so i can eat the leftovers for breakfast next weekend!

i also found this RECIPE for buffalo chicken tacos that i want to try. maybe next week before thanksgiving? or i wonder what it would be like as leftovers with turkey, hah! matt loves anything buffalo and i can handle it IF i have enough ranch dressing. i love the flavor of spicy things but my tongue and stomach just can't always handle it.

did anyone have as crazy of storms as we did last night? man it was insane! lady and cajun were chewing their bones all night to reduce their stress from the thunder. they were both still passed out when i got up this morning. apparently they were up pretty late worrying. they are so funny, cajun actually gave me the look (with only one eye open) this morning when it took me a few seconds to turn the alarm off.

tonight we're having a boil, burn and beer at work and then matt and i are going to dinner with a friend of his who just moved to the area with his wife. boil, burn and beer is boiled peanuts, fire pit, and home brewed beer.  i can't stay too long because of the dinner, but in my defense they changed the date of the event and i already had dinner scheduled. why do things always seem to work out that way? we're trying a local steak restaurant that we haven't been to yet, so i'm pretty excited about that too!

no pictures this time, sorry! hopefully i'll get to the beach this weekend and have some more pictures of doggies covered in sand. until this i'm also thankful it's thursday and almost the weekend, yay! :)

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