Sunday, August 21, 2011

the weekend!

We made it back to the dog park this weekend! :) I think the high ended up only being like 95. So it was kind of comfortable, haha. The dogs spent a lot of time in the pond. And....were ready to go home after about 30 minutes.
This is what two tired puppies look like post dog park. Lady could barely keep her eyes open on the drive home!
Other than that things have been pretty low key around here. I've been itching to really clean the house so I did that while Matt caught up on some play station Saturday morning. We watched some movies Saturday night. Dorian Gray was ok, kind of weird and slow moving. But, then we watched an unexpectedly good movie called Breaking and Entering with Jude Law. I don't think it did well because Matt bought it for 70 cents (yes 70 cents, we are both bargain hunters ;)) at Blockbuster. I would definitely recommend it. Then I forced Matt to watch a bad SciFi* movie...Crocosaurus vs. Mega Shark. I know I know it was as ridiculous as it sounds. But, I still watched it.

*Yes I know it's SyFy or something now. But, I refuse to spell it that way.

I didn't get as much cooking in this weekend as last. I wasn't feeling 100% so that meant not wanting to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or smelling food. I did however get some great deals at Piggly Wiggly and Bi-Lo. If you live near either one you should check out their sales ads. Piggly Wiggly is having some great buy one get one free deals in their produce and meat sections. Is there any good way to get pre-packaged salads to last longer? That is one of the things that is buy one get one. And it's a great deal because they're 1.99 so you get each bag of salad for $1! But, I'm worried we won't be able to eat more than 2 before the week and the sale are over :( I think I need to look into freezing salad.......

Sunday, I love Sundays, but I dislike how fast they seem to go. I had a craving for Sonic today that had to be met. So Matt went and got me a Watermelon slushie. Definitely satisfied my craving and made me one happy girl!

And now I'm going to try and make myself cook some for the week. I have a roast and a casserole I want to make. And I really need to vacuum still. I think I could vacuum twice a day and with the dogs you would never be able to tell. At least for like 5 minutes after my house looks clean....And then I'm going to read some. I just got a new book by Madeline L'Engle The Joys of Love. I love her writing so I'm hoping this book will be just as great as her others!

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