Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to School

Kelly's Korner is doing a Show us Your Life Friday about Back to School Today. I don't have kids but I was one once ;) When I was a kid I LOVED school. Well not always and not everything about it. But, I loved the smell of new school supplies and I loved reading!

My mom, sister and I would always go shopping a few weeks before (sometimes with my Grandparents). We would usually go to Sears and we would get new shoes and new clothes for the school year. After that we'd go and get our hair cut. We moved when I was in middle school and so back to school changed some. We had to cross the 'river' to go shopping but it was still with my Mom, sister and Grandparents.

My favorite part of back to school was going shopping for supplies. I love the way a new binder smells. Speaking of binders I still have and use my trapper keeper from 5th grade. It's probably one of the sturdiest binders I've ever used. And I picked a good color, eggplant. Who picks out an eggplant binder in 5th grade?!? Haha. Where we lived for middle and high school there were only two options for school supplies Walmart or a small family owned office supply store. We usually ended up at Walmart. It was so fun going up to the cardboard wall of schools and classes and reading the list of what we needed.

Another tradition was getting brown paper bags and decorating them to cover my books. Do kids still do that? They never seemed to last very long though, some of my poor books I really treated bad.

Now that I'm an adult I miss those days. When all I had to worry about was a book report and some math homework. I miss coming home to my Mom after school. If only I knew back then how much I would miss those times. I've only been out of high school for 10 years now, but it seems like a lifetime ago.

I so wish I was at home so I could upload some photos from then. I need to find my school pictures from 2nd grade. I'm wearing my favorite jean jumper and shirt. I can't believe some of the stuff that used to be popular! I can not imagine being a student these days though. I thought things were crazy when I was in school, but man was I wrong. I was also a little sheltered, but I appreciate it so much more now than I did back then. I can't imagine growing up anywhere else than where I did. I'm appreciate of the education I got in St. Peters, MO and the fact that I got to spend my middle and high school years in Gloucester. Growing up in a small town can be hard but I'm glad I did. It definitely shaped who I am today in a very positive way.

I might have to go buy a binder and some markers just for fun this week! :)

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jennibell said...

How fun to remember your own back-to-school days! I used to love, love, love school too (so much so I became a teacher -- ha!) and now wish my children had the opportunity to go "back to school". . .currently we are in a situation where they are home but I do very much hope that they get to have these memories themselves one day too! And, like you, I'm glad I grew up when I did (80's). . .everything is so much harder now I think.