Sunday, August 14, 2011

the weekend

we've had a pretty low key weekend. it's been super hot and rainy not the best combination for doing things outside! i did cook some though, which was nice! i miss being in the kitchen. so far i've made my version of beef burgundy and crock pot chicken taco meat for taco salads. i need to go and get some sour cream though because i got a little heavy handed with the hot sauce!

we found a local dog park a few weekends ago that i can feel the dogs itching to go to again. i hope next weekend is nice so that we're able to. even if it's a little hot i think we might just go. they need to be able to run some and the apartment definitely isn't a good place for that.

two of our coworkers from usc in columbia were visiting this past week so work was a little different than usual. it's going to be hard to work 5 full days this week, especially without the long lunches. in other exciting work news i'm getting my office furniture this week! i've been out in the common area since i started june 1st. hopefully by the first week of september i'll be in my own office! so excited for that. i've missed having a space to call my own at work. and it will be really nice not to have my back to the door. i hate that feeling of being snuck up on. 

i'm trying a few other recipes this week that i will hopefully remember to share the recipe for. i'm up to about 45 recipes total in my list. i'm hoping to get up to 100 and then i need to start a list of all the ingredients needed so i can copy and paste a grocery list quicker. i definitely noticed a different at the store this time. i liked knowing exactly what i wanted and also knowing that i checked what was on sale before i went shopping. i'll be ready with another list when the sale papers come out again on wednesday! :)

and that's about it. not a very exciting weekend, but it was good to catch up on time at home and i finished a couple of books too :)

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