Monday, August 15, 2011

true blood and chicken casserole

i resisted the urge to watch true blood for the first three seasons it was on. oh and i didn't have hbo either, that helped in the not watching ;) well with a blockbuster within walking distance and the weather too hot too do much else we've been watching a lot of movies and true blood. i am addicted. it's bad. we've almost caught up to the real time showing. i think we have 4 more episodes! that means in a mere 3 weeks we've watched 3 seasons! a little crazy, but that show is sooo good. it's like one episode isn't enough!

i'm doing well with the recipes this week. last night i made crock pot chicken taco meat. i made it a little spicier than they called for by adding hot salsa. i served it over rice with black beans and sour cream. matt of course added more salsa, it was already on the edge of being too spicy for me so i just went with extra sour cream.

today i'm making king ranch chicken from kelly's korner blog which can be found here. it smells absolutely delicious! i'm very excited to try it!

i was so spoiled last week with the visitors at work. today was a really long monday. some days the lines of data in excel just start to merge together. it didn't help that today was the first nice day in awhile. like i wanted to sit outside nice. i haven't felt like that in forever. i wanted to be at the park with matt and the dogs. hopefully this weekend :)

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