Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the move

i can't believe we've been living in south carolina for two months now! we moved memorial day weekend to pawleys island, sc from suffolk, va. we left behind so many friends and family but we're excited for life down south. the hardest thing for me to adjust to is not being able to call my mom, sister or grandparents to meet for lunch, shopping, coffee, etc. it's been hard but thank goodness for cell phones and the internet! :)

i started working for the university of south carolina in georgetown, sc. i'm a data specialist working with water quality data that is collected by the 28 national estuarine research reserve's across the united states. it's been an awesome career change. and i really like the area.

after matt and i moved here we adopted two dogs! lady and cajun. they're both from the local shelter and they provide me with tons of stories every day. i could probably dedicate this blog to only talking about the crazy things they do and keep you entertained. i'll try not to though :)

in addition to working i love cooking, reading, wine, shopping and the beach! i haven't really gotten in to a groove with cooking since we moved but i'm hoping to get better about it. i feel like we're finally starting to move from the 'transition' stage to having a more stable schedule. after reading more blogs i've become intrigued by menu planning. i need to get on this. i definitely think it will help with not only eating better but saving money at the store which i love doing too!

i'm hoping to tackle a few diy home projects too. i've never really been very crafty but i'm excited to try! i have a cute sofa table i want to refinish and a few crafts from other blogs i want to try out for the house :)

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