Thursday, October 17, 2013

That Time I Fell in Love with Charleston Part 2

We both slept so good our first night in town. We didn't have to share the bed with anyone human or dog and it was just magical.  Our hotel provided breakfast and it was delicious. I had sausage gravy biscuits and cranberry juice!

We left the hotel at about 10, we didn't return until about 10 that night. We packed A LOT in to day 2!!

A few things we wanted to check out were the Angel Oak and The Fat Hen Restaurant which are both on John's Island. We headed that way only to find that the oak wasn't open til 1. Total trip plan fail, or so we thought! We decided to head to some shops a little further south and stumbled upon a really cute book store. While there I read something about the Charleston Tea Plantation. The one book store employee said she highly recommended a visit, so we decided to give it a chance!

If you're ever on John's Island GO! I learned so much about tea! Like did you know that all types of tea; green, black, etc come from the SAME tea leaf? I had no idea, mind blown!

We got to drink all the tea we could while visiting and got to see the factory where the tea is processed. It was amazing. Then we accidentally trespassed and hung out by a fire pit for a little while! Oops apparently we're not good at reading signs!

After the tea plantation we headed to lunch at the Fat Hen. Oh my gosh, I could go on and ON about this place. The decor was spot on. It was french country and they nailed it down to the last detail. It's a farm to table restaurant and they can tell you exactly where everything you're eating comes from! My friend tried shrimp n grits which she was a little scared to try at first and I had the pulled duck bbq. After one taste Kate knew she didn't make a mistake! She said that it was delicious and very buttery. The pulled duck bbq was nothing short of awesome. The duck was cooked perfect and the sauce was sweet and spicy. My sandwich was served with pommes frites that were just salted enough and complimented the sandwich well. I loved it. Loved loved loved it! Our server even took the time to take a picture outside of the two us! She was awesome!

We forced ourselves to leave the Fat Hen and went to check out the Angel Oak. The Angel Oak is around 400 years old and is awe inspiring. It's so peaceful and amazing to look at. I'm really glad we went!

We then headed back Downtown to check things out again. Because our theme was food apparently our first stop was Kaminsky's. Another must do in Charleston! We shared a piece of black and white cake and each got a drink. Kate went with a Brandy Alexander and I got a chunky monkey hot chocolate!! Yes chocolate and banana together topped with whipped cream! We drank like three glasses of water each to offset the large amounts of butter and sugar we consumed :)

(photo credit to my friend Kate :))

After Kaminsky's we walked around and ended up at the Blind Tiger. We enjoyed a beer in their garden area before it was time for our Ghost Walk!

A ghost walk is another must do. Seriously I loved it! Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and friendly. He had not only the best ghost stories but little tidbits about the city as well. 

We really didn't want to leave after the walk, but it was getting late. We headed to the hotel and sadly our trip was over. I can't say enough about how awesome the trip was. I really love Charleston. Kate says she's going to retire here and I can't wait! :)


Sara Lynn said...

I am so glad you love my city :) I have lived here my whole life and love it more and more everytime I get to explore it!

Ashley B said...

What a fun trip! Sounds like so much fun. And that tea plantation sounds so interesting. If I ever get a chance to go, I would love that! I actually had no idea all those types came from the same leaf. Never really thought about it before! My mind is blown too! lol!