Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Long Weekend!

My mom visited this past weekend so I took off Friday and Monday. I love long weekends, especially when I get to spend them with my Mom! :)

Friday we got some shopping in and had lunch at McAlister's. I'd never been there before but now I love it. Their potatoes are so good. And I got half of a turkey reuben with my small potato, which was not small. One thing I will warn you of is that the coleslaw tasted onion-y. Next time I will be getting my reuben without slaw!

Then my Mom and dogs 'helped', meaning they watched, me carve the pumpkin! 

We thought about building a fire Friday night but unfortunately we are woefully unprepared. We've never used it, we had no firewood and couldn't find anyone selling any. And there is a no duraflame type product rule, so we were out of luck. Hopefully by the next time it gets 'really' cold we'll be more prepared! :)

Saturday ended up being a gorgeous day. Like we wore sweaters in the morning and by the end of the day we were hot. We attempted to take the dogs to the Fall Festival and dress them up, however that went over like a lead balloon! I didn't get one picture of the dogs dressed up. 

Sunday was my Mom's last full day :( We went to the beach and got an oyster po'boy by the water! Then we had a Thanksgiving feast with her! We won't be going home for Thanksgiving so we celebrated early with her. It was so tasty! 

We ended the weekend watching 'Timeline' on Netflix. I didn't remember it until half way through but I had read the book before. It ended up being a really good movie. At least I enjoyed it :) 

It was time to say good-bye too soon. On the drive back to the train station we stopped at Sparky's to use the bathroom. Those people were SERIOUS about their fireworks, haha. This was just one corner, that place was huge!

At least I get to see her again in December!! :)


Lauren said...

Your pumpkin came out awesome!

Nichole said...

I l.o.v.e. McAllisters! Your pumpkin looks great!

Ashley said...

Hurray for long weekends! Your spider pumpkin turned out awesome! That is sweet that you got to celebrate Thanksgiving early, since you won't get to see each other on the actual day. We had a practice Thanksgiving last night, I roasted a chicken and made stuffing. It was delicious :D