Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm Boring

I'm pretty boring most of the time. My schedule is pretty set, I do the same things on the same days. I don't mind it at all but for the most part it lends itself to some very boring blogging!

After we moved I started a 6 am exercise class. Then I realized with driving a bit further it was easier to get up every day rather than try to work out at night. So basically every day I get up at 5:30 work out, go home shower and get ready, work, drive home, take the dogs on a walk or to the park, cook dinner, hang out with Matt, relax and then go to bed.

I actually enjoy my new schedule and getting up early! I like driving by Hardees and Dunkin Donuts and having them be closed. It makes me feel accomplished, haha. I also like my Keurig, I might even love it. Without the wonderful caffeine it gives me I wouldn't love my new schedule so much!

I started up the C25K app a few weeks ago. I'm getting ready to start week 4 day 1 tomorrow! 5 minutes of running at once! I *think* I'm ready though. Running for 3 minutes wasn't easy but I kind of liked it and I'm excited to push myself. I am so much stronger than I was this time last year!

I'm hoping to buy this shirt for the Color Run 5K in November. Isn't it hilarious??

My 6 am class is sort of a boot camp style class. Today my teacher was on one! Class is different every day but here is what we did today! Today was set up with relay type exercises with a partner. First we ran risers across the room, then we did burpees with a weighted bar on the lift up, then crunches and back extensions on the ball, THEN we did mountain climbers. BUT, our feet were on gliders. Oh gosh that was painful! After we went around 3 times we moved on to the next part! First, we walked back and forth across the room 8 times with gliders on our feet, kind of like skating. Then we did two 'Tabata' intervals, basically 20 seconds of exercise then 10 seconds of rest for 2 minutes. The first was frog jumps and the second was jumping jacks. Then we did some stretches and limped home :)

So that folks is my life lately. Exercising, drinking coffee and taking the dogs to the dog park!

So that I don't bore you here are a few pictures, some you've probably seen if you follow me on instagram. Hope everyone is having a good week! :)

Cajun and I after a trip to the park!

Lady at the park :)

Lady gave up one day because it was too hot!

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Robin said...

Cajun and Lady are so cute!

We used to have Keurig but the K-cups got really expensive for a while. Now I want one again.