Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Dust Bowl

Do you like documentaries? I'm kind of a documentary junkie. 

And I love PBS and Ken Burns. He has a new documentary. It's called The Dust Bowl. 


You're probably thinking I'm weird now. Oh well, this is me, nerdy as you can get. 

I love getting to hear from people who lived during that time in history. In the description the said that this is the last chance to capture the stories from people who survived that era in history. Kind of sad.  

So yes, I cried while watching the preview. But, the stories and those people are so compelling. Hearing what they survived and what they had to go through is mind boggling. 

Definitely makes me realize that we take life for granted. 

The link to read more or watch the previews is here

And here's another shout out to those 'fly over states' that were at the heart of this period in history. 

If you watch the documentary let me know what you think! You bet I'll be back with my synopsis Tuesday :)

1 comment:

lori said...

i dont usually find myself interested in watching documentaries... but my husband loves them! and honestly, when i watch them... i end up getting into it, too!

hope its a good one :)

and i love some jason aldean.