Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I can't believe it's almost time for Thanksgiving! Seriously this year has flown by at warp speed.

When I was younger I was always waiting for the next thing, getting my license, going to college, getting a job, finding a boyfriend, getting married, etc etc.

Now I just wish I could hit the big ole PAUSE button.

And they say it only goes by quicker as you get older. I'm in trouble, soon a year is going to feel like two weeks.

That being said I am super excited for some time off this week! We're having Thanksgiving with some friends in the area. The dogs love them and are already wagging their tales in anticipation. They're getting baths tomorrow so they are fresh and clean for the festivities.

Then I'm making a chocolate pie!

I found this recipe I'm going to use for the crust.

                                                                    Source: yourhomebasedmom.com via Amber on Pinterest

It seems easy enough! And then I'm doing a chocolate pudding/cream cheese filling. I know sounds weird. But, I've done a little testing and I'm pretty excited! I'm going to top it with meringue :) Yum who needs turkey when you can have cranberry sauce and pie. Oh and yeast rolls!

I've decided to paint our bathroom a light blue. I have a second bathroom set up that I'm going to use instead of the one we currently have in there. Hopefully I will finish up this weekend and I will be able to post photos. 

And I'm 85% sure I'm participating in black Friday craziness. I think a friend and I are going to go shopping. I'm almost done shopping for Christmas and I'm hoping I can pick up the last few things that day. 

Then I need to do a post on all the things I've made so far for gifts! I'm excited that so many of my gifts this year will have a personal touch!

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Robin said...

Actually, a chocolate pudding/cream cheese filling sounds delicious.