Monday, October 1, 2012


1. i made nachos for dinner tonight they were SO good. seriously good. i piled just a few chips (multi-grain) high with roasted spinach, peppers and chicken, black beans and corn. i served it with just a little cheese and some low fat sour cream. i wanted to eat the whole thing but i didn't! :)

2. i am addicted to the voice and x-factor this season. matt and i both get so in to it. i don't know where this is coming from. we used to not watch them!

3. i really like the new show revolution. you should at least check it out if you don't watch it yet! 

4. i went to the boardwalk winery this weekend with a friend and tried pumpkin wine. if you live close you should get some. i can't wait to heat some on warm (anything higher than warm and you cook the alcohol out!) with a cinnamon stick. first it needs to get cold out. 

5. i can't wait for it to get really cold. because let's face it we might act like 82 is 'fall like' here in south carolina, but it won't actually be fall until the temps are closer to 65 :) and then i want to build a fire!!

6. we're dealing with a small floor issue in our tv room. it's been two weeks and still no one from the agency's staff has actually called to schedule a time to come check it out. makes me not want to pay rent! but, i'm going to go in tomorrow with the check and maybe get some results. i want my floor fixed!

7. matt and i fell off the healthy eating train last week. i had a meeting at work and was gone a few nights last week eating out because of the meetings. i mean i tried to eat healthy but i just know that the dressings and salads i ate had more calories than what i was used to eating. there were also mini-hershey bars. help me please, i can say no to everything else. put a mini-hershey in front of me and i have zero self control. 

8. the dogs now beg to go off in the car. it's pretty cute! they used to hate the car, now they can't wait to get in. 

9. it's nice that i have a few friends i can call when i want to do something like grab lunch or wine. but, i still miss my friends who live far away. when is teleporting being invented?

10. before i got off the eating health wagon i was down 22.4 pounds! woohoo :)

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Nichole said...

Congrats on the weight loss so far, TELL ME THE SECRET (I know there is no secret, I'm just lazy), and I went to a winery this weekend, too! No pumking though; I bet that was delish