Saturday, September 22, 2012


I truly don't know how people travel all the time whether for fun or work. I was so tired this week. I had coffee every morning and still feel like I wasn't all the way there. I finally feel not tired after being home for 5 days, haha. It doesn't help that we have a meeting at work next week which has made the past few days at work kind of crazy. 

The dogs were so mad that I left! They haven't been letting me sleep well. They both sleep on one side of me squeezing in so I can't move at night. Maybe they think I'm going to escape in the middle of the night? Either way it leads to not the best sleep ever. And Matt gets about 3/4 of the bed to himself, haha. 

One day I'll be back with a giant picture recap of everything that has been going on! :) Today it's a music fest that benefits a local home for boys who have had a rough go in life. I'm pretty excited to walk around down town, drink beer, and listen to music with friends!

Happy Weekend!!

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