Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kelly's Korner Show us Your Singles: Jennifer

I met Jennifer my sophmore year at Mary Washington College. She was a friend of one of my closest friends and had come over to work on a class project. I knew she was welcome to stay when she told me she liked cheese, chocolate and country music. And the fact that she happened to be one of the nicest people I had met :)

Our senior year of college we were roommates. Meaning I got to know her REALLY well :) I got to see her for the 4 am fire drills, exams and all the fun in between. We drank many a beer, ate many a swedish fish, and watched many a episode of Golden Girls that year. 

From living with her I can tell you she is genuine, honest, caring, loving and loyal. She's the kind of person who will tell you when you're being stupid but will answer the phone at 2 am when you're stuck without a ride and still come and get you. 

When I met her I also met her family. If family isn't important to you, then this isn't the family for you :) They love big and like Jennifer would do anything for you. They are from a small town in Virginia called Goochland. I think they pretty much run the place ;) But, I know the people love them for the same reasons I'm so lucky to call Jennifer my friend. 

Jennifer also has a dog named Chuckles. Don't let that face fool you he's a lover. Don't try any funny business though, or he'll give you the look. Treats are welcome and in fact encouraged on your first meeting. You know the way to a man's err dog's heart is food! :)

Jennifer loves sports, adventure and travel as well. She's cruised to Mexico and taken a solo trip to England in the past few years. She also loves watching and playing sports, I'm pretty sure she hasn't met a sport she doesn't like. And she is an avid baker, I've taste tested many of the products, I give her an A+ especially for her chocolate chip cookies!

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