Wednesday, August 8, 2012

wednesday randoms and prayers

some weeks go so slow. some weeks go so fast. this is a fast one i still haven't caught up from this weekend. 

there are piles of laundry and dishes leftover from this weekend. it was all worth it thought! i'll take a messy house with lots of visitors over a clean, boring house any day!

(although i could live without cajun waking himself from a crazy, rabbit chasing dream and 'tinkling' in the bed which led to him being scared and nervous that he had done something bad and then proceeding to pee ALL over me. yep. i woke up today covered in dog pee. awesome. poor cajun buddy though, he's just so sensitive. i took him in to the guest room to recover and he was just shaking. i think we need a doggie psychiatrist. he did enjoy the extra belly rubs he got.)

i really miss having my sister around. when we were little 4 years seemed like a big difference. now we're great friends and i'm so glad we're as close as we are!

i keep telling her she can come back any time she wants. 

i have a few prayer requests for today:

our family friend pee wee who is in heart failure. his family is frantically trying to make it to VA in time to say good-bye. he is a kind man who i will miss very much. i have many fond memories of eating breakfast with him, his wife and my mom and sister growing up. 

my uncle karl could use some prayers right now as well. 

i'm also praying for 

a friend who lost a dear aunt to breast cancer this week 

 sarah's daughter peyton. 

do you have anyone you need to add to the prayer list? 

have time to pray for these people? if you do they would be much appreciated!

happy wednesday!!

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Alyssa said...

Awww! My dog wet my bed once and I felt so bad!! It's hard when they struggle. :(

Praying for your prayer requests, friend!