Thursday, August 23, 2012


i don't like to get political on my blog very much because one i just don't like to talk about certain things in a public forum. but, my friend recently started a blog and wrote a really important blog post. we are all put in to situations that we don't expect. that happened to my friend and i hate it for her. 

if you would like to read her story and how it affected her feel free to follow the link here.

it also makes me really upset that insurance companies have decided that they should be the ones who decide what happens with patient care instead of doctors. i can't imagine how frustrating it is to be a doctor in this situation. i work for the state of south carolina. i have the same insurance as every state worker and teacher in the state. currently our health insurance does not cover the well woman exam. today i spent $200 to get that exam done and to make sure that i have not developed any cysts in the last year. 

it's so important for women to get their well woman exam and i worry that so many state employees don't get these exams done because they can't afford it. 

i honestly don't know enough about politics to know what the answer is to any of our problems right now. and to be honest thinking about them makes me overwhelmed. i can't imagine being in the position that our politicians currently are. i do know though that something has to change. i just don't know what it needs to be. and it's not just one change that has to happen, it's so many it makes me dizzy to think about....

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Alyssa said...

Yes, something absolutely has to change. Where to start is the question...