Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

we had a pretty good weekend around here. i took zero pictures. i thought about whipping my phone out a few times but i was just too lazy. i know you've had those days. 

friday night was just pretty standard except that we stayed up til midnight! whoa buddy, that's like 4 am for us, haha. and actually the dogs were really upset. their bedtime is about 10 pm. cajun went to bed at like 11 and then came back out a few minutes before 12 with sleepy eyes and asked where we were. so we all climbed in to bed to make the dogs happy. have i mentioned before that they are spoiled?

saturday was also a good day. i got a lot of those little things done around that house that seem to pile up. like the literal pile of mail and random pieces of paper that end up on the kitchen counter. it felt good to go through that. and we might have had two baskets full of laundry to wash and put away. my least favorite thing to do!

saturday night i went to see ted with a friend. i'm going to admit right now that i did not read a single review or really read what the movie was about before agreeing to go, yes i knew it was about a bear that could talk, haha. my friend summed it up pretty good, it had its funny moments but it was not funny. and it was a little crude. a lot crude actually. i was not expecting that from a teddy bear!

sunday we slept in and i cooked a great breakfast. once again i should have taken a picture because the egg scramble i made for matt and the waffles i made for myself were delicious. and pretty. but my phone was in the other room, so yeah, no photos.

then in the afternoon we went over to a new friend's house. we got to know matt's coworker and wife and 2 daughters over lunch. they also have the cutest chihuahua named max. he liked me. i wanted to put him in my purse but i left him there. then we went bowling and played in the arcade for a bit before heading for home. 

weekends always seem so short! i don't want to wish my life away hoping for friday to get here soon but i do love my time at home. 

i'm writing this post sunday night while enjoying a glass of wine, catching up on blogs and watching matt play ps3. i have to say life is pretty good around here :)

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Alyssa said...

That sounds like a great weekend! And a great way to catch up on blogs! :)