Friday, July 20, 2012

i am random and messy

i should not wear white. i should not buy white. whenever i try wear it i spill. it's like the white is a magnet for anything i touch or eat.

i spoil my dogs. i am so not good at disciplining them. when i do i feel the need to give them a hug and a treat and tell them i love them. this most definitely confuses them.

i used to be addicted to diet coke. now i'm not. i went cold turkey and it feels kind of good.

matt and i recently changed our whole 'lifestyle'. for a month now we've worked out 5 days a week and completely changed the way we eat. i feel so much better because of this.

may i also say without tmi that it has done interesting things to my digestive system.

i'm trying to eat local honey every day to combat allergies. so far honey, you ain't workin' so good!

i really want a puppy. Cajun is excited about this. he thinks maybe he'd get to boss it around (poor Cajun we haven't told him yet that he won't ever be anybody's boss, he has not one alpha bone in his body. Lady gave me the over my dead body look when i mentioned we'll see ;))

people think this means i want a baby. NO! i want a puppy. 

one that looks like this maybe.

Source: via Ashton on Pinterest

now that I'm done being completely random. 

Happy Friday!! :)

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